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Ballantyne collection
With its traditional design, unique texture of the redwood, ballantyne collection, dining room and living room groups are now in Yenkur. Explore
Unique spaces with Uttermost With the ever-renewed collection of Uttermost, america's largest home decoration company, the most up-to-date materials and design trends are in your home. Explore Innovative and efficient office spaces We create innovative and efficient office spaces. With the domestic and foreign brands in our company, office furniture that best suits your needs is in Yenkur. Products
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We bring hundreds of kinds of decorative accessories, lighting, painting, wall décor, decorative clocks and mirrors belonging to the world's most well-known brands. We offer a safe and fast shopping experience.

From design to reality We manage all processes meticulously.

Design according to needs

We produce design solutions tailored to your project's needs.

Special import on project basis

We bring thousands of products of the American brands we represent exclusively to you.

Your global solution partner

We work with the best suppliers of Turkey and the world. We design, produce and deliver your project wherever it is.